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We work with some of the world’s most innovative and forward-thinking organisations to recruit exceptional high-tech, digital and cyber leaders. We play a pivotal role advising corporations on recruitment, retention, diversity and talent development strategies.


One of the ways we stand out is through our onboarding programme. Our onboarding framework has been developed to ensure that every person we recruit will thrive and make a difference.

A case for onboarding

According to Leadership IQ — a New York-based leadership and training research firm — only one in five (19%) successfully selected candidates from external sources can be classified as unequivocal successes. World-leading organisations understand that diversity is key, but don’t always understand that the organisational context needs to be set up to support diverse candidates when they join the workforce. Companies need to think hard about how to be inclusive and to create the right environment from the beginning to create positive outcomes for the individual and the business.

Companies who implement an effective onboarding programme for senior leaders, see a significant increase in retention as a result.


likelihood an individual will leave within the first 18 months of joining an organisation


of new CEOs fail in the first 18 months


of senior executives fail within the first 18 months of promotion into an executive role


of people decide to stay or leave within the first six months of joining a new company

20 times or close to $2.7 million is the estimated cost to an organisation of an executive hire not working out

With McSherry Brown

Our purpose is to ensure the people we recruit thrive over the long-term which is why we deliver onboarding as part of our search process and the results demonstrate our success.


of people we have recruited through our onboarding programme stay beyond 24 months


of the people recruited by us are still in situ and performing well, five years from the day they started

the average tenure for individuals placed by McSherry Brown is 5 years, superior to the industry average

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